Know everything about zkSync

If you have been perplexed by the vast and ever growing Crypto Technology, do not fret. You are not alone.Keep reading on to find out everything that is there to know about zkSync.

Know everything about zkSync

zkSync is the superhero of the Ethereum world, saving the day with its zero-knowledge proof magic! It’s the answer to all your scaling problems, with the ability to process transactions faster than a speeding cheetah and cheaper than a cup of coffee. No need to pay gas fees, zkSync will do all the heavy lifting while keeping your secrets safe and sound like a trusty sidekick. With zkSync on your side, you’ll be the envy of all your blockchain friends!

What does zkSync do?

Think of it like a shortcut that helps things move faster on the Ethereum network, just like a shortcut on a map can help you get to your destination faster. This is important because Ethereum is like a big computer network that lots of people use to do things like buying and selling things or creating new digital things. By making it faster, zkSync helps make sure that the network can keep up with all the things people want to do on it.

Let’s talk about this layer two scaling solution for a theory and they’re starting to gain traction really quickly.

Who is the creator of zkSync?

Mater labs, who is the creator of zkSync have come up with a scaling solution for a theorem 2.0. And they’ve just launched a version of UNISAW version two, which is just a solidity application that runs on layer one Ethereum that can now be ported over to zkSync 2.0 with their solidity compiler.

Now, I know that’s still a lot of technical jargon inside of that, if you’re already a blockchain developer, you might have caught that and said, like, oh, wow, that’s amazing. But if not, you know, for whatever reason, let me break this down and connect the dots so that you can see why this is such a massive deal for the long term.

So let’s start off first and foremost with what layer two scaling solutions are in the first place? S o one of the biggest complaints about Ethereum is it is too slow, it’s too expensive to use. Whenever we move to a theorem 2.0, it’s not going to fix that problem entirely.

So the long term vision of the Ethereum ecosystem has to build a theory: multiple layers have base layer Ethereum layer one, be the blockchain that everybody knows and uses today, and then eventually move that to a theorem 2.0.

But even right now, while we’re using Ethereum, we basically create this second environment called layer two, where you can perform a majority of the transaction in a separate environment and then batch up the results of those transactions and put them back on layer one blockchain. That’s called a roll up based technology, a roll up scaling solution.

So we’ve seen projects like optimism, and arbitrarily gain a lot of traction. Because these are general purpose scaling solutions, meaning developers can build whatever applications they want to and put them on these scaling solutions, and started getting users now as opposed to application specific scaling solutions like dy dx, Z, K, roll up, Luke bring, etc, etc.

So arbitrary optimism are both optimistic roll ups based technologies.

We’re gonna talk about specifically what that means in a minute and how it compares in contrast to other things. But the other player that we’re gonna focus on this video that’s really gaining traction is zkSync.

How is zkSync different?

I think they’re a big game changer long term.

zkSync is different from arbitrary optimism, because it’s a zero knowledge based scaling solution. And with zkSync 2.0. It’s a new and improved version of this technology.

When you pull up charts so see this happening, you’ll see that there are lots of different solutions on here, state channels, side chains, plasma, Mr. Cole ups, validity, M and z k roll ups, but the two I want to focus on are optimistic roll ups and z k rollouts, because these are the ones that are gaining traction.

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